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1、地球脉动第二季中英对照剧本BBC的自然纪录片“Planet Earth”(地球脉动)在播出时曾轰动全球,被无数纪录片迷封为神作。第一集从离地三千米的高空俯视地球Looking down from two miles above the surface of the Earth让人无法不为自然界的力量its impossible not to be impressed与其纯粹的宏伟壮丽by the sheer grandeur and splendour而叹为观止and power of the natural world.十年前Ten years ago,在行星地球这一电视节目中in a te

2、levision series called Planet Earth,我们呈现了众多这样的奇迹we revealed many of those wonders,时至今日 世界已大有变化but today, much has changed.我们将用全新的方式展示地球上的生命We can now show life on our planet in entirely new ways.带你以前所未有的近距离接触动物Bring you closer to animals than ever before.首次揭示野生动物的精彩瞬间And reveal new wildlife dramas f

3、or the very first time.而且不只这些But thats not all.我们的星球也在变化Our planet has changed too.大自然从未像现在一样Never have those wildernesses been as fragile脆弱而又珍贵and as precious as they are today.恰逢自然世界这一关键时刻At this crucial time for the natural world,我们将再次启航 踏遍全球we will journey to every corner of the globe.去探索这颗星球上最宝

4、贵的财富.to explore the greatest treasures of our living planet.去揭秘动物们突破的种种极限.and reveal the extreme lengths animals go to为了生存to survive.最后 我们还将回到城市Finally, we will explore our cities探寻生命是如何适应to see how life is adapting这个地球上最新兴的栖息地to the newest habitat on Earth.这里是行星地球第二季This is Planet Earth II.地球上有成千上万

5、的岛屿There are hundreds of thousands of islands,每一座岛屿都是一个迷你世界each one a world in miniature,是地球的一个缩影a microcosm of our living planet.这些偏僻岛屿上为生存所做的努力The struggles to survive on these remote lands正如地球上所有生命都要面临的挑战reflect the challenges faced by all life on Earth.巴拿马海岸线边的埃斯库多岛The tiny island of Escudo off

6、the coast of Panama.是侏三趾树懒的栖息地Home to the pygmy three-toed sloth.这是一只雄性树懒This is a male在这里生活得十分惬意and life here suits him well.红树林为他提供食物Mangroves provide all the leaves he can eat也没有天敌前来叨扰and there are no predators to worry him.岛上的生活似牧歌般悠闲Island life may seem idyllic但这是有代价的but it comes at a price.这座岛

7、上只有几百只雌性侏三指树懒There are only a few hundred pygmy sloths in existence.而他需要配偶And he needs a mate.这雌性的叫声Thats an enticing call.好生诱人.from a female.就在不远的某个地方Somewhere out there.对树懒来说 这反应堪称迅猛And this, for a sloth, is a quick reaction.但问题是 中间隔着一渊深潭The problem is, theres deep water between them.那么一只气血方刚的树懒会怎

8、么做呢So what should any red-blooded sloth do?当然是游过去Swim, of course.那会是她吗Could this be her?他尽全力加快速度He does his best to put on a turn of speed.但叫的不是她But shes not the one.这只母树懒已经有了一只幼崽She already has a baby在幼崽六个月后长大离开之前and she wont mate again until it leaves her她不会再次交配in about six months time.即使生活在天堂之岛也会

9、有限制Even life on a paradise island can have its limitations.但至少她就在不远处But at least she cant be far away.地球上所有的侏三指树懒都生活在The worlds entire population of pygmy sloths is isolated这片不及纽约中央公园大小的岛屿上on a speck of land no bigger than New Yorks Central Park.岛屿的大小极大地影响着The size of an island has a huge influence生

10、活在那里的动物on the fate of those cast away there.这是印度尼西亚的科莫多岛The island of Komodo in Indonesia.龙之巢穴Home to dragons.体长三米 重达六十八公斤Ten feet long and weighing an impressive lbs,他们是地球上现存体型最大的蜥蜴these are the largest living lizards on the planet.大型食肉动物在岛屿上并不常见Its unusual to find large predators on islands.然而 四百万

11、年来Yet, for four million years,科莫多巨蜥一直称霸这里the Komodo dragon has dominated here.这么小的岛屿似乎不可能It might seem there wouldnt be enough food为这种庞然大物提供充足的食物来源to support such giants on this relatively small island.但冷血爬行动物只需要But reptiles, being cold-blooded,肉食性哺乳动物十分之一的食物量need only about a tenth of the food a ca

12、rnivorous mammal would.巨蜥一餐可以支撑一个月A single meal will last a dragon a month.他们的生存之道如此成功They are so successful以至于唯一的天敌that their only serious competition comes from就是他们的同类others of their own kind.而这座岛上有约两千只巨蜥And there are some , of them here.然而这只巨蜥This giant, however,并不是在寻找食物isnt looking for food -他在寻

13、找配偶hes looking for a mate.雌性巨蜥一年发一次情Female dragons come into season only once a year.这一只并不排斥Shes receptive.目前为止 一切顺利So far, so good.但他误入别人的领地But hes strayed into someone elses patch.另一只雄性巨蜥认为它才是这里的王Another huge male thinks he is the king here.岛屿上空间有限Space being limited on islands,巨蜥的地盘时常重叠dragon ter

14、ritories overlap导致冲突不断and that creates continual conflict.在巨蜥族群里 体型决定一切In dragon society, size is everything.但如果双方体型相当But if rivals are closely matched,鹿死谁手就难以预料the outcome can be uncertain.强壮的尾巴一击如同重锤Muscular tails strike with the power of sledgehammers.锯齿形状的牙齿像牛排刀一样锋利And their serrated teeth are a

15、s sharp as steak knives.他们都想要掀翻对手Each tries to topple his opponent.胜者出现Defeated.只有最强壮的巨蜥Only the most powerful dragons才有权交配win the right to mate.岛屿上有限的食物和空间The limited food and space on small islands时常激起激烈的竞争can often lead to intense competition.但有些岛屿却幅员辽阔But some islands are immense.更像是一块小型大陆More like miniature continents.这为不同生命的进化与试验And these provide opportunities for life提供了机会to experiment and evolve.马达加斯加是地球上最大的岛屿之一Madagascar is one of the biggest islands也是最古老的岛屿之一and also one of the oldest,它在一亿两千万年前就已经脱离非洲大陆having split away from Afric


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