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1、-Unit OneTRAITS OF THE KEY PLAYERS (David G. Jensen)核心员工的特征大卫G詹森1 What e*actly is a key player A Key Player is a phrase that Ive heard about from employers during just about every search Ive conducted. I asked a client - a hiring manager involved in a recent search - to define it for me. Every pany

2、has a handful of staff in a given area of e*pertise that you can count on to get the job done. On my team of seven process engineer and biologists, Ive got two or three whom I just couldnt live without, he said. Key players are essential to my organization. And when we hire your pany to recruit for

3、us, we e*pect that youll be going into other panies and finding just that: the staff that another manager will not want to see leave. We recruit only key players.1核心员工终究是什么样子的几乎每次进展调查时,我都会从雇主们那里听到“核心员工这个名词。我请一位客户一位正参与研究的人事部经理,给我解释一下。“每家公司都有少数几个这样的员工,在*个专业领域,你可以指望他们把活儿干好。在我的小组中,有七名化工流程工程师和生物学家,其中有则两三

4、个人是我赖以生存的,他说,“他们对我的公司而言不可或缺。当请你们公司替我们招募新人的时候,我们期待你们会去其他公司找这样的人:其他公司经理不想失去的员工。我们只招募核心员工。2 This is part of a pep talk intended to send headhunters into petitors panies to talk to the most e*perienced staff about making a change. They want to hire a key player from another pany. Every pany also hires f

5、rom the ranks of newbies, and what theyre looking for is e*actly the same. We hold them up to the standards we see in our top people. If it looks like they have these same traits, well place a bet on them. Its just a bit riskier.2这是一段充满了煽动性的谈话,目的是把猎头们派往竞争对手的公司去游说经历丰富的员工们做一次职业变更。他们想从另一家公司招募核心员工。然而,每家

6、公司也从新人中招人。他们要寻找的是完全一样的东西。“我们把他们和公司顶级员工表现出的特质进展对照。假设他们看起来有同样特征的话,我们就在他们身上赌一把。只是这样有点儿冒险。3 Its an educated guess, says my hiring manager client. Your job as a future employee is to help the hiring manager mitigate that risk. You need to help them identify you as a prospective key player.3“这是一种有根据的猜想,我的

7、人事经理客户说。作为未来的一名员工,你的工作是帮助人事部经理降低这种风险,你需要帮助他们认定你有潜力成为一名核心员工。4 Trait 1: The selfless collaboratorJohn Fetzer, career consultant and chemist, first suggested this trait, which has already been written about a great deal. It deserves repeating because it is the single most public difference between acad

8、emia and industry. Its teamwork, says Fetzer The business environment is less lone-wolf and petitive, so signs of being collaborative and selfless stand out. You just cant succeed in an industry environment without this mindset4特征1:无私的合作者职业参谋和化学家约翰费策尔最早提出了这个特征。关于这个特征,人们已经写了大量的文章。它之所以值得被反复谈及,是因为这一特征是

9、学术界和企业间最明显的差异。“这里需要合作,费策尔说,“企业的环境并不需要单打独斗,争强好胜,所以表现出合作和无私精神的员工就脱颖而出了。在企业环境中,没有这样的思维方式就不可能成功。5 Many peptides and grad students have a tough time showing that they can make this transition because so much of their life has involved playing the independent- researcher role and outshining other young st

10、ars. You can make yourself more attractive to panies by working together with scientists from other laboratories and disciplines in pursuit of a mon goaland documenting the results on your resume. This approach, bined with a liberal use of the pronoun we and not just I when describing your acplishme

11、nts, can change the panys perception of you from a lone wolf to a selfless collaborator. Better still, develop a reputation inside your lab and with people your lab collaborates with as a person who fosters and initiates collaborationsand make sure this quality gets mentioned by those who will take

12、those reference phone calls.5许多博士后和研究生在进展这种过渡的过程中表现得相当费力。因为生命中有则长一段时间他们都在扮演一个独立研究者的角色,并且要表现得比其他年轻的优秀人才更出色。你可以藉此提高在公司的吸引力:为追求一个共同的目标和来自其他实验室和学科的科学家们合作并且为你的个人履历上的容提供事迹证明。这个方法,加上你在描述业绩时开明地使用代词“我们,而不是“我,能使公司对你的看法从“单干户转变成“合作者。更为有利的是,要在你实验室部,以及在和你们实验室合作的人们之间,培养一个良好声誉:一个鼓励并发动合作的人还要保证让那些会接听调查的人们谈及你的这个品质。6 T

13、rait 2: A sense of urgencyDon Haut is a frequent contributor to the aas.sciencecareers. org discussion forum. He is a former scientist who transitioned to industry many years ago and then on to a senior management position. Haut heads strategy and business development for a division of 3M with more

14、than $2.4 billion in annual revenues. He is among those who value a sense of urgency.6特征2:紧迫感唐-豪特是一位给aaas.sciencecareersorg论坛频繁写稿的撰稿人。他之前是一名科学家。许多年前他转向了企业,并一直做到高级管理的职位。他在3M公司一个部门负责策略和商业开发工作,这个部门每年上缴的税收高达24亿多美元。他就是一个重视紧迫感的人。7 Business happens 24/7/365 which means that petition happens 24/7/365, as we

15、ll, says Haut. One way that panies win is by getting there faster, which means that you not only have to mobilize all of the functions that support a business to move quickly, but you have to know how to decide where there is! This creates a requirement not only for people who can act quickly, but f

16、or those who can think fast and have the courage to act on their convictions. This requirement needs to run throughout an organization and is not e*clusive to management.7“一年365天,一周7天,一天24小时,生意始终在进展,那意味着一年365天,一周7天,一天24小时,竞争也同样在进展,豪特说,“公司取胜的方法之一就是要更快地到达目的地。这就是说,你不仅要把所有能支持公司快速运转的功能都调动起来,而且还得知道如何决定目的地是哪里。这样,不仅对那些行动快速的人们,也对那些思维敏捷,并有勇气按自己的想法行事的人们都提出了要求。这需要全公司各部门的运作,而不仅仅是管理部门的工作。8 Tra


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