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1、APPENDIX- A QUESTIONNAIRE ON EMPLOYEE TURNOVER(These information are always a part of the personal secret file)Group - A : PERSONAL PROFILES Name of organization :Type of organization :Name : Designation Department :Male FemaleAge (year) : Salary (Taka): Education Marital Status Dependents Job descr

2、iption Yes No Married Unmarried Nr of family memberName of training/Diploma Year1. Training/Diploma : 2.Length of service(Year) : Tel. (if any ) Name of Interviewer Date of Interview Group AName :.Designation : Age (Year): Sex: M/FEducation:Salary:Married/UnmarriedGroup B 1.Please rank following fac

3、tors in term of causes of Employee turnover (Rank 10 for highest one, 1 for lowest one):a)Poor pay/compensation packageb)Displeasing working environment c)Unreasonable transfer elsewhered)Defective Selection processe)Unsound Personnel policy of the organisationf)Rough behaviour of the supervisorg)De

4、fective promotion and career development system of the organisationh)Lack of training i)Working time (e.g. work schedule, holiday, leave, etc.)j)If any other, please specify - Group - C 1. What is your satisfaction level regarding Merit rating/ Job evaluation system of your organisation ?SatisfiedVe

5、ry satisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery dissatisfied2. What is your satisfaction level regarding your physical working condition here ?3. What is your position regarding your job satisfaction here ?4. What is your position regarding your colleagues behaviour here ?5. Do you prefer any other employer tha

6、n the present one ? Yes No 6. Is it your first job ?Yes No 7. If the answer is no please fill-up the following gaps:Length of service Reason of leaving(i) (ii) (iii) 8. What is your opinion regarding employee turnover?a) It is required frequently. b) It is not good. c) sometime it is required.9. Ple

7、ase comment on Employee turnover of your organisation.- - - - Thank you very much for your kind co-operationSatisfiedVery satisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery dissatisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery dissatisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery dissatisfiedRI Employee tur

8、nover (4) EMPACT OF LABOR/EMPLOYEE TURNOVER IN ACHEIVING MANAGEMENT GOALSM A WAHAB Director Administration Hamdard Laboratories (waqf) BangladeshThough there is no forcible evidence that there exist relationship between employee attitude because that employees feel better their present job than any

9、other alternative due to scarcity. On the other hand, at times of economic boom period, labor turnover occur frequently as because there emerges ample opportunities of employment. Due to a negligible adverse condition prevailing in the work place employees dont habitually hesitate to change their jo

10、bs with the increase of work-life he/she becomes constantly able to adopt changes, to grow faster and to add his/her value due to practical experience which has no substitute.Sometimes it is seen that employee turnover in a particular organization or even a particular department of an organization o

11、ccurs frequently. The management of that organization will have to take this issue into active consideration for the greater interest. Employee turnover may occur due to financial, working environment, working condition or emotional causes. After proper scrutiny of the cause, management will take th

12、e appropriate measure to reduce it. In many cases leadership quality of the supervisor may be the cause of higher employee turnover. In that case the supervisor concerned should be given proper training which may give fruitful result.It has been observed from a study conducted among a good number of employees representing various departments thousands of young it is mainly due to poor economy. In spite of this it is not uncommon that some people are leaving jobs for various reasons. What are these?


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