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1、Rick H. Morris, D.C., C.C.S.P., Q.M.E., A.B.A.A.H.P. Brendan Murray, D.C., D.A.C.B.S.P., Q.M.E. April Hopson, D.C.1243 7th Street, Suite B Santa Monica, California 90401 310-451-5851 fax:310-458-0051Chest Pain: Is It A Heart Attack or A Twisted Rib? The Choice You Make May Save Your LifeBy Dr. Rick

2、 MorrisYou wake up Sunday morning, turn in bed and feel a sharp, stabbing pain in your chest. Youre concerned, but not panickedthings come and go. Youre used to it. But, then you turn over and it grabs you again. You take a deep breath and it feels as though a knife is running through your chest. It

3、 may even be shooting to your back or shoulder. Television reports race through your mind, “Many people deny the signs of a heart attack during the critical first few minutes and, because of that, half of them die.” What should you do? You dont want to overreact, yet this is your life and theres no

4、room for error.Do You Know The First Signs Of A Heart Attack? Deep pressure in your chest that may radiate to your left shoulder, jaw or arm. Feeling “winded” or out of breath. Sweating with an increase of chest pain during activities, such as going up stairs or walking quickly. An irregular pulse (

5、well teach you to check itsee this months patient gift). A change in your skin coloring.These symptoms warrant a medical examinationQuickly. Take an aspirin immediately (not if you are aspirin sensitive or have asthma) and get to the E.R.What Are The Signs of A Subluxated or “Twisted” Rib? Sharp pai

6、n to your chest or back. Pain that can be recreated by touching the painful area, turning or twisting your torso, bending your neck forward or taking a deep breath. A regular pulse (although it may be a little fast due to fear). Now Back To Our Guy In Bed Your pain is sharp and its not a feeling of

7、“heavy pressure.” It “zaps” you when you try to turn in bed - even taking a deep breath hurts. Further, your coloring hasnt changed and walking up and down the stairs doesnt aggravate your symptoms. You can reproduce the pain by touching your rib cage. Your pulse is regular and its not missing any b

8、eats. You realize that its a subluxated rib, call our office and save yourself the expense and aggravation of spending your day in the emergency room. You avoided the prescriptions of Valium, muscle relaxants and pain medication as well as the hundreds or thousands of dollars in tests and your pain

9、was completely eliminated without being “doped up.”So, Whats A Subluxated Rib and What Causes It?Think of the last time you ordered barbequed ribs. Do you remember the meat thats between the bones? Well, thats not only muscle but nerves. Can you imagine what it feels like if your ribs are just sligh

10、tly twisted (i.e. subluxated) and rub against the nerve every time you twist, move or take a deep breath? Can you imagine the sharp, stabbing pain and spasms? Well if youve had a subluxated rib, you know just what Im talking about.Now you understand why thousands of people every year are needlessly

11、rushed to the emergency room. They are usually treated improperly with medication while their misaligned ribs are ignored! A couple of adjustments would fix the problem and prevent a chronic one from developing. Why didnt the emergency room just tell them to go to their chiropractor? Well, sometimes

12、 they do, but not usually. In ten years things may be different, but today its up to you. Thats the purpose of this newsletterI want my patients to know the difference between a heart attack and a subluxated rib.Just as you shouldnt bring a heart attack to our office, you shouldnt bring a subluxated

13、 rib to a hospital. They are not trained to fix it and will only send you along an expensive and unnecessary path.Chest pain associated with coughing, sputum, indigestion, burning or wheezing are obviously not musculoskeletal and need the services of a medical physician. But discuss the condition wi

14、th us, as we often have natural suggestions that may lessen your need for medication.This months gift to our patients a free rib examination for you and your family with a blood pressure check and a personal class on evaluating your own pulse. Heart attacks are the number one cause of death; we want

15、 our patients to spot them immediately. Rib subluxations are even more common, and we dont want you to be mistreated.By the way.Thank you for your letters last month. We loved them! I know it took time from your schedules that are already overwhelmingso I repeat how much I appreciate them.As I promi

16、sed, our outside panel evaluated all the letters and picked their favorites. Ive included the winners with this health report. Thank you. Thank you. Whether you wrote a letter, referred those that you care about or just made it fun for us to come to workThank you.Like some of Dr. Morris other patients, I too was referred to him by a friend.


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